The aims of LAST is to assist and educate the Irish Fishing Industry to help 

prevent future catastrophes while offering support and guidance to the families of those lost to Fishing Tragedies





L.A.S.T require help to insure that prevention and support is available to all in the Fishing Industry. The Bolger Brothers Tragedy fund is at present still open but will soon be closing for anyone still wishing to make a donation. 

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LAST. Membership of LAST is open to all individuals and organisations interested in furthering the aims, objects and activities of L.A.S.T. All members will be requested to abide by the Constitution of L.A.S.T 

L.A.S.T will achieve its aims principally by informing and influencing the Irish Fishing Industry, Costal communities, businesses,  Governmental and non-governmental organisations in and around Ireland.

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